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Apartment Decor That Won't Cost Your Deposit

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your apartment and add some fun, seasonal flair. But when you're renting a one or two bedroom apartment in Fort Worth, you have to be mindful of not making any permanent changes that could jeopardize your security deposit. 

Don't worry, though – there are plenty of creative ways to decorate your space for summer without painting or putting holes in the walls. Here are some tips to help you add a warm-weather vibe to your apartment while keeping your deposit safe.

Embrace Natural Elements

One of the easiest ways to bring a touch of summer into your apartment is by incorporating natural elements from the great outdoors. 

Fresh flowers or potted plants instantly liven up any room and evoke a sunny, breezy feeling. Place a vase of Texas Bluebonnets on your dining table or a potted palm in the corner of your living room for an instant tropical touch that screams summer.

Swap Out Textiles

Your textiles – like throw pillows, blankets, and curtains – can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space. Switch out heavier fabrics for lightweight, breezy materials in bright colors or patterns that remind you of the beach or the sites at the lush Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Swap your heavy winter curtains for sheer, breezy panels that let in plenty of natural light. Add a few patterned throw pillows in shades of coral, turquoise, or yellow for a pop of summer color.

Play with Patterns and Colors

Summer is all about embracing bright, cheerful colors and bold patterns. If you live at Crest at River District Apartments, you likely have neutral walls. Fortunately, you can easily add pops of color and pattern through accessories like area rugs, wall hangings, or even temporary wallpaper. 

A brightly patterned area rug can instantly liven up a room, while a colorful wall hanging or tapestry can serve as a fun focal point.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, all it takes to refresh your space is a simple furniture rearrangement. Pull your couch away from the wall to create a cozier conversation area, or angle your chairs toward the windows to take advantage of the natural light and beautiful Fort Worth views. 

You'd be surprised how much of a difference a small furniture shift can make in opening up your space and giving it a new, summer-ready vibe.

Get Creative with Lighting

Lighting can have a huge impact on the overall ambiance of your apartment. Swap out harsh overhead lighting for softer lamps or string lights to create a warm, inviting glow. You can even get creative with lampshades by covering them with patterned fabric or wrapping them in twine or rope for a beachy look.

Discover Your New Summer Home at Crest at River District Apartments

If you're looking for a fantastic new apartment community to call home this summer, look no further than Crest at River District Apartments in Fort Worth. 

Our luxurious apartments offer the perfect blend of modern amenities and resort-inspired living, Contact us today to schedule a tour and find your new summer home!



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