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Top Tips for Throwing an Apartment Summer Get-Together

Summer in Fort Worth is the perfect time for gatherings with friends, whether it's a birthday celebration, game night, or just an excuse to get together after a long work week. But hosting in an apartment can present some unique challenges, especially if you’re looking at a one bedroom unit. Never fear, with some smart planning and by taking advantage of the amenities at Crest at River District Apartments, you can throw an amazing summer shindig that will have your guests raving.

Set the Temperature for Comfort

As more people arrive at your party, all those bodies create extra heat. In fact, in a small room, a group of people can create around 15 kilowatts of heat; that’s pretty steamy.

Avoid a stuffy environment by setting your thermostat to a comfortable level before guests show up. The last thing you want is for people to be fanning themselves or searching for a cool spot. The apartment homes at Crest at River District feature air conditioning and adjustable thermostats to help you beat the Texas heat.

Maximize Your Countertop Space 

One of the best amenities in our apartments is the counterspace they have. Take advantage of what you’ve got! Create food and dessert stations on your kitchen countertops and apartment island for easily accessible grazing. 

Use vertical space by serving foods on tiered trays to make room for more tasty treats. You can even set up drink stations on counters or end tables. Get creative with your layout to maximize flow and ensure there's enough room for mingling.

Plan a Game Night in Your Living Room

What's a summer party without some fun and games? Clear out some floor space in your living room for group games or party classics. Focus on lighthearted, casual games that let guests have a good time rather than being ultra-competitive. Charades, Pictionary, or trivia games are always crowd pleasers.  

If you want to get modern with your game night, check out these modern selections for the best party games on the market!

Create a Chill Playlist

Set the right vibe with a carefully curated summer playlist. Keep the tunes upbeat but relaxed so your guests can enjoy the music without it being overwhelming. And remember to keep the volume at a reasonable level out of courtesy to your neighbors.

Give Your Neighbors a Heads Up

Speaking of neighbors, it's always a good idea to give them a quick note letting them know you're hosting a get together. They'll appreciate the consideration and it gives you a chance to extend an invitation their way if you'd like. Being a thoughtful neighbor goes a long way at Crest at River District Apartments.

Use the Great Outdoors 

You're just a short stroll away from amazing outdoor hotspots like 7th Street and Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. So feel free to start your gathering at home then take the party outside. Your apartment can serve as the perfect home base for hitting some of the city's top patios, restaurants, and entertainment venues. 

Ideal Floor Plans for Entertaining

Throwing get-togethers is a breeze in the apartments at Crest at River District. The thoughtfully designed one and two bedroom floor plans offer the perfect blend of space and functionality. You'll have everything you need to host stylish and comfortable gatherings all summer long.

Open concept living areas make it easy for guests to mingle, while gourmet kitchens are designed for hosting duties. Large kitchen islands provide extra prep space and can even double as a cozy breakfast bar for casual dining with friends. You'll love the convenience and flow of our modern apartment homes.

So what are you waiting for? Call your crew and get that guest list started. 

Discover the Perfect Summer Hangout Spot at Crest at River District

Are you looking for your own entertaining oasis in downtown Fort Worth? Where you can make summer memories and enjoy year-round fun? Then check out the beautiful apartment homes at Crest at River District Apartments. With spacious floor plans and luxury finishes, you'll have the ideal setting for gatherings big and small.

Don't miss out on being at the center of it all. Call our leasing office today to schedule your tour of Crest at River District Apartments.  We can't wait to welcome you home!

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