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Saving Space in Your Fort Worth, Texas, Apartment

Apartment living in Fort Worth, Texas, has its charms. From being nearby landmarks like Dickies Arena to being able to pick and choose from the finest downtown restaurants available, there’s a lot to love about living at Crest at River District Apartments.

However, apartment living requires cunning because there’s only so much square footage in the average floorplan. These limitations can make the nights in at home challenging to stay organized and make space work for you. 

Between furnishing the apartment, finding storage, and accommodating different functions within small footprints, compact living requires some creative problem-solving to avoid feeling cramped. 

The good news is there are tons of clever solutions and design ideas that can help maximize every precious inch of your luxurious apartment. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for making the most of your petite living space.

Get Creative with Multi-functional Furniture

One of the best ways to save space in a small apartment is to choose furniture that serves multiple purposes. Items like futons that convert into beds, coffee tables with built-in storage, and ottomans that can double as extra seating take up minimal room while offering maximum functionality. 

It’s an extra expense, but investing in customized furniture pieces like a desk that folds up against the wall or a shelving unit that can be reconfigured to fit different spaces can really make a difference when it comes to saving space in your apartment. 

The more flexibility your furniture offers, the easier it will be to transform areas for different uses at a moment’s notice.

Use Vertical Storage Strategies  

Always use all available vertical real estate when organizing and storing items. Floor-to-ceiling shelving units and stacked squared containers are perfect for holding books, kitchen supplies, folded clothes, and more while keeping items visible and within reach. 

Wall-mounted shelves or floating cabinets are the perfect spot to display photos, small décor, or bathroom essentials without occupying precious floor area. 

Need to store cleaning supplies or other items? Consider buying tall narrow organizer units that will preserve the walking room in your apartment.

Get Strategic with Furniture Arrangements  

Carefully plotting out where to place furniture while maximizing walkways and openings is crucial for navigating a compact floor plan. 

Ideas like placing your bed on risers to create storage space underneath, positioning your couch diagonally in living areas, using your kitchen or dining tables with bar stools for extra seating, or investing in nesting tables that slide under each other can help open up floor space.

Create Dual Purpose Areas  

Combining apartment space for different functions is essential when square footage is limited. Turn your living room into a home office during the day by using soft furnishings like poufs and floor cushions then converting the area into an extra sleeping space at night as needed. 

Maximize underutilized spots like the area near your front door by placing a narrow console table with baskets to hold everyday essentials or keys. 

The more flexibility and overlap you can build into rooms in your compact apartment, the more comfortable you’ll feel in your home.

Repurpose Inventive Storage Spots  

Get creative and identify unique spots around your apartment that can moonlight as storage real estate when you’re tight on space. An over-the-toilet shelf instantly adds tiered space perfect for extra towels and toiletries. 

Sturdy tension rods installed inside kitchen cabinets create extra vertical room for food staples, while cabinet door racks provide a place to store cutting boards, cookie sheets, or other flat items. 

Even a nook as small as the area behind your couch can function as storage if you place a slim shelving unit that fits perfectly in what would otherwise be a dead space.

Make the Most of Fort Worth Living at Crest at River District Apartments!

If you are ready to rent a Fort Worth apartment in our upscale West Fort Worth community, the team at Crest at River District Apartments is ready to welcome you.

Our floorplans let you stop feeling the “apartment crunch” and start enjoying our apartment amenities with room to breathe. Ranging from 420 to 720 square feet, they offer the perfect amount of space for the comfort your need.

Contact us today to schedule a walk-through and learn more about what our Fort Worth apartment complex has to offer.



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